Welcome to the web site of Medical Centre D.A.P. Pain Clinic Medical Centre D.A.P. is a certified medical institution where the first pain clinic in Latvia has been working in the day patient department since 2004 (a clinic which specializes in treatment of acute and chronic pain syndrome).

About us

We were the first in our country to start using minimally invasive treatment methods of chronic pain under X-ray control along with medical treatment.

We have modern equipment for treatment of chronic pain syndrome.

Pain Clinic is a specialized medical institution where diagnostics, treatment and prevention of chronic pain are performed.

We are frequently asked:

«Do you simply remove pain or do you treat?»

«Is this treatment or do you simply eliminate pain?»

We treat chronic pain as a pain disease, using high-technology, modern, safe and efficient treatment methods of chronic pain. We use multi-disciplinary and individual approach to each patient who suffers from chronic pain (drug treatment, minimally invasive techniques, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, massage, psychotherapy).

Do you or any of your friends live with chronic pain? Have you or your friends tried to treat chronic pain, using usual methods? Are you still in pain?

We will help you! Our mission is relieve you from pain, improve the quality of your life, using modern approach and standards of chronic pain treatment.


We cooperate with the largest insurance companies in Latvia