About us

Welcome to the website of the Pain Clinic of the D.A.P. Medical Center. D.A.P. Medical Center is a certified medical institution, where since 2004 the first pain clinic in Latvia has started operating as a day hospital (a dedicated clinic for the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndrome). We were the first in our country to begin using minimally invasive methods of treating chronic pain under X-ray control, along with conservative therapy.

We have advanced equipment for the treatment of chronic pain syndrome. The Pain Clinic is a specialized medical facility that diagnoses, treats and prevents chronic pain. Medical professionals from different countries regularly visit our Pain Clinic to exchange expertise. Pain Clinic of D.A.P. Medical Center is also the clinical research base of the Riga University. P. Stradia (RSU), where classes on pain medicine and minimally invasive methods of treatment are conducted for residents and medical students.

Pain medicine in Latvia continues its development, also, national and international cooperation is growing, and interdisciplinary care tactics are being strengthened. Life without pain is a fundamental human right, and we are committed to provide it. We consider this to be the goal and strategy for the development of pain medicine.

Pain medicine has changed a lot in recent years and minimally invasive pain treatment modalities, along with new drugs, are playing an increasingly important role in therapy. The efficacy of these new methods of reducing pain and improving the quality of life of patients is now well documented. Still there is a widespread tendency to postpone minimally invasive treatment until later, despite observed failure of conservative treatment or presence of serious or discomfortable adverse effects in patients. Currently, there is a range of minimally invasive procedures used in pain medicine: blockade of peripheral nerves and pain points, epidural blocks in the spine, blockade of facet joints and diagnostic blockade of innervation, blockade of the sympathetic trunk, intradiscal manipulations, radiofrequency procedures (nerve stimulation and destruction), as well as spine and peripheral nerves stimulation, stimulation of the motor cortex and epidural administration of drugs.

We are often asked: “Do you just relieve pain or heal? Is this a treatment or just analgesia? “. We treat chronic pain disease using high-tech, modern, safe and effective methods.

We use a multidisciplinary and personalized approach to each patient suffering from chronic pain (medications, minimally invasive procedures, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, psychotherapy).

Do you or anyone you know live with chronic pain? Have you or someone you know tried to treat chronic pain with conventional methods? Are you still in pain?

We will help you! Our mission is to make your pain subside and to improve quality of your life using modern methods and standards for the treatment of chronic pain.