DAP headache unit English

The DAP pain clinic has the incredible excellence in treating pain sufferers in Baltic states.

DAP pain clinic headache unit is one of few private out patient and inpatient headache clinics in Baltic States, also it is the first headache center in the entire country to offer a complete, dedicated inpatient option. Located near the old town of Riga, our 12 – bed unit is the optimal destination for inpatient migraine and other headache treatment. At our inpatient and outpatient facility, acute and chronic pain sufferers adult or older adult patients – experience the benefits of work of headache team specialists.

Our Continuum of Care means the same doctor who treated You in our out patient unit if needed will direct Your treatments at the DAP inpatient headache clinic. You will see other doctors and caregivers, but a DAP headache unit physician will be there too, to make sure Your treatments are going well.

You have a say in what happens to you. We will make sure you know how to keep your headaches under control. Ask any question and we will take time to give You honest and professional answer you understand.

Special therapy methods that may be used are:

1. Individualized Drug Therapy

Recomendations of individualized drug therapy are made based on diagnosis, previous experience and response to drug therapy and based on European Pain Federation recommendations. Some patients require multiple drug therapy, which requires close inpatient monitoring by headache unit’s specialist.

2. Psychological intervention

If indicated in the treatment plan, individual or group sessions are initiated. Our clinical psychologists are experts in helping people cope with thoughts, feelings and behaviors that accompany chronic pain.

3. Relaxation training 

relaxation therapy allows you to learn how to cope every day stress, whether it is spiraling out of control or it is already under control. Everyone can benefit from learning relaxation techniques. Learning basic relaxation techniques is easy and they are free to use nearly anywhere. Types of relaxation techniques include Autogenic relaxation, Progressive muscle relaxation, Visualization, also deep breathing, massage, meditation, Yoga, Biofeedback, Music and art therapy, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy. The most effective therapies are used in our center to get sure you have your pain under control.

4. Physical and Activity therapy

DAP pain unit specialist may prescribe physical therapy and activities like relaxation training, art therapy and music therapy. 

5. Alternative therapies

Massage therapy and acupuncture serves to help patients relieve stress and tension.

6 Detoxification

If needed, our professional inpatient team will get sure that your withdrawal from analgesic medications will proceed smoothly. Patients will receive the necessary medical support while stopping these drugs.

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